Everything on my website is handmade, crafted with alot of patience, love and commitment.

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    • Gel On Naturals :€25
    • Nail Extensions : 35
    • Pedicure Express :€15
    • Spa Pedicure :€30
    • Nail Refill :€25

    Simple : €25

    Glam: €35

    Bridal Package : €200

    Special Effect - Carnival : €30-40

    Flower Girl Makeup: €10 (With nail polish)


    Moisturizing : €25

    Deep Facial : €40

    Microneedling : €60

    Skin Type Issues Packages :

    €30 (Per Session)


    Eyebrow&shaping : €10

    Lips & Chin : €5

    Under Arms : €5

    Half Hands : €7

    Full Hands : €10

    Stomach : €6

    Chest & Stomach :€10

    Bikini : €12

    Brazilian Bikini : €18

    Half Legs : €10

    Full Legs : €18

    Back : €7

    Full Body : €45

  • 50' MASSAGES

    Relaxing : €35

    Aromatherapy : €38

    Deep Issue : €45

  • 30' MASSAGES

    Back Massage : €18

    Foot Massage : €18

    Indian Head : €18

    Shoulder : €18

  • 90' MASSAGES

    Candle Oil : €55

    Healing : €55

    Body Scrub, Wrap & Massage : €65

About My Brand

The idea started in 2018.
After getting my bachelor degree in 2017 with first honors i wanted to do something extra that i could combine together.
I always loved to create recipes for face masks or hair masks with ingredients i had in my kitchen.
I always liked to use natural products on my face and i always searched for different oils and fruits that i could use in my hair to help it grow.
One day i saw online about a course in Athens entitled “Cosmetology: A Method of Making Cosmetics from Natural Raw Materials and Botanical Plants”
Even though i had a 10 month old daughter I decided to go for it so we packed our things and went for 8 months.
Then i went for different other courses such as creating cosmetics from 100% organic beeswax, lip-balms , soaps etc.
After getting my certificate i came back and started creating my own recipes so i could combine them with the beauty treatments i could offer.
I started working from home with family and friends, i took it slowly since i also fell pregnant with my second child.
Life with two kids has you keep going , but i always wanted something more.
I kept searching and searching for the ideal shop. I kept waiting for the perfect timing.
Just before I discovered a new hobby which was in making my own candle designs with 100% soy wax I fell pregnant with my 3rd child. The candle story was a big success. In the beginning i took it completely as a hobby, i even took pictured that i never posted . One day after my sister posted a candle i made for her which she loved it went VIRAL. I started working 15 hrs non stop to complete all my orders . I felt tired, my body ached but that gave me the motivation to push more. And more and more.
I said to myself if not now, then never.
Never will be the perfect timing and there will be never difficulties in my way.
I went for it. Even the new pregnancy didn’t stop me.
I got the keys for my shop (FINALLY) in February 2022 and in April 2022 after lots of preparation we ready to open and make my dream come true.
At Sandrasorganicbeauty we offer beauty treatments such as manicure, pedicure, facials , massages all with organic products mostly handmade with raw ingredients that you can even eat.
And if u can eat it it definitely cannot harm you, your skin or face.
Also our clients can choose different handmade gifts , candles, cosmetics, personalized boxes or even wedding & christening favors which i will make with all my love!
And remember taking care of your body and soul isn’t only a woman’s thing, we promise to take care of women, men and even your little ones for any occasion at any time.!
Sandrasorganicbeauty is launching all because you believed in it and you supported it when it just started.
And remember we are all beautiful
We all want to take care of ourselves
But we must never forget that we can archive that without toxins, chemicals, and dangerous substances!!